EZ Gripper Tipper


● Decreases the likelihood of material spills that could cause slips or falls 

● Increases the safety of transferring caustic or hazardous materials

● The EZ Gripper Tipper’s fixed hinge joint balances the drums during transfer so that the transfer is completed safely and securely

● Assuming that the drum to be transferred is nearly empty, the EZ Gripper Tipper allows a single person to complete the transfer without risk of dropping the drum or incurring an injury


● Decreases the need to clean up messy spills of materials

● Reduces possible contamination of material in the receiving drum

● Food products may be safely transferred with the use of a food-grade hose


● All of the EZ Gripper Tipper's parts are constructed of solid steel and powder coated to reduce rust and corrosion

● EZ Gripper Tipper is proudly made in the USA of parts totally sourced in America


● EZ Gripper Tipper is the most competitively-priced product of its kind available

● Eliminates the need for mechanical or manual pumps along with heavy equipment which can be bulky, costly, and difficult to keep clean

● By ensuring that virtually all product is transferred from sending drums to receiving drums, the EZ Gripper Tipper will soon pay for itself by eliminating the waste associated with small quantities of product remaining in sending drums after transfers are completed

WHY EZ Gripper Tipper?

It's all in the details

  • Quality

    Hand crafted with precision to ensure a smooth transfer of material.

  • Strength

    Toughest steel joined into a solid framework to give you maximum performance.

  • Flexibility

    Alternate uses to accommodate material transfer in various industries.

  • Efficiency

    No heavy equipment needed. Toss it in the tool box or vehicle for easy job transport.

  • No pumps or large equipment needed

  • Proudly made in the USA by our American workers

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