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EZ Gripper Tipper

EZ Gripper Tipper

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Included: With the purchase of each EZ Gripper Tipper you will receive 1 Transfer Hose, 1 Barb Fitting and 1 Kickstand.


The EZ Gripper Tipper transfer hose is made of preferred PVC material.  It is DAVCO-braided tubing reinforced with high-density polyester yarn.  The hose measures 3/4" ID and 1" OD, and is 20" in length.  This is a lightweight, BPA-free, clear, and flexible hose which can be used in a wide range of low-pressure applications, such as the transfer of most liquid materials, including water, oil, gas, and other fuels.


The EZ Gripper Tipper Stand is a 3/4" threaded pipe stand designed for consolidating drums. This sturdy stand helps support the donor drum, making the consolidation process more efficient and safer. Perfect for industrial or commercial use, it's a must-have for any drum handling operation.


The EZ Gripper Tipper barb adapts 3/4" female-threaded pipe to 3/4" poly pipe.  It is made of polypropylene, is NSF-approved, has good chemical resistance, and measures 3.1" long.  It is recommended that it be used at ambient temperatures between 33 degrees to 73 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Compact & Portable!

Measures just 8" x 5" and weighs only 13.5lbs

Recoupulater Calculator

For Spray Foam Industry

The Recoupulater Calculator is a powerful tool designed specifically for professionals in the spray foam industry. It allows users to calculate their potential savings by utilizing the EZ Tipper units. Here's a breakdown of the calculator and its benefits:

  1. Drum Set Price (DSP): This refers to the cost of the drum set used for spraying foam.
  2. Weekly Drum Recoup (WDR): This indicates how often the drum set is refilled with foam.
  3. Number of EZ Tipper units: Users can input the number of EZ Tipper units they have.

By clicking "Calculate," the Recoupulater Calculator determines the number of uses required to pay for the EZ Tipper units. In the example provided, it shows 3.09 uses.

Additionally, the calculator provides an estimate of the Estimated Recuperated Annual Savings Average (E.R.A.S.E.), which is calculated to be $50,544.00. This amount represents the potential savings achievable by using the EZ Tipper units.

Lastly, the calculator displays the Profit First Year (PFY), which indicates the projected profit after considering the savings. In this case, the PFY is $48,044.00.

By using the Recoupulater Calculator, professionals in the spray foam industry can easily assess the potential cost savings and profitability associated with implementing the EZ Tipper units.